e Plan Solutions has begun implementation for Conyers Georgia. We expect the website to be live within the next month. We will be updating the Conyers specific information over this time so check back with us soon.

Application Help

Lattitude and Logitude should be entered as a decimal 32.123456, -84.123456 to get these watch the following video.

Fields that require a number should be entered using the number only.  For example 12.34 acres should be entered as 12.34 or 56,789 sq.ft. should be entered as 56789.  Entering a comma, prefix or suffix will cause an error to be displayed.

Additional information, such as, zoning, parcel number etc. can be found by selecting HERE

Files and Uploading

Files for review should be combined according to the type of file.  For example a building plan review has 7 Architectural drawings from A1 to A7.  These should be placed within the same file and named “A1-A7 Architectural.pdf”.  ePs sorts the files based upon standard alpha-numeric ordering.  For additional examples, File Naming Slides.

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Conyers Georgia Is Live

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