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Residential Building Plan Review : Find My APN : Swimming Pools

Uploading Files for Review

Files uploaded for review should be grouped by type or discipline.  The following is a quick list of disciplines and types for uploading.

Building Plans

Cover/Title Architectural Plumbing Mechanicalal
Electrical Structural Construction Details Elevations
Civil/Site Soils Sprinkler Energy Calculations

Grading Plan

Residential Building

Full sets of plans designed and drawn to the current California Building Codes and including the following:

      • Owner information. (Including proof of ownership if owned for 1-year or less.)
      • Address and Assessors Parcel Number for the site.
      • A site plan showing all setbacks, streets, property lines, curb/gutters, sidewalks, utilities and driveway approaches. (To scale and dimensioned)
      • North, South, East, and West elevations. (At least two of these.)
      • Location and type of all easements. (If applicable)
      • Grading plan. (If applicable)
      • Floor plan. (To scale and dimensioned)
      • Foundation plan.
      • Floor joist plan when applicable.
      • Roof framing plan. (For cut and stack only.)
      • Mechanical plan. (Indicating size and location of units and duct sizes.)
      • Plumbing plan. (Indicating location of DWV system and water and gas pipe size.)
      • Electrical plan. (Include service size and location of main and sub panel.)
      • Detail sheets.
      • Elevation difference of 6” or more at property lines require retaining wall details and design
      • Soils report. (For expansive soil conditions)
      • Fire sprinkler plans and calcs are required for all new residential construction.
      • Provide with plans: Energy Calculations, Engineered Stamped Truss Calculations, and Engineered stamped Structural Calculations.

How to get your APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number)

1. Go to the Porterville Community Development Website and select the link to launch the on-line map.
2. Locate your property and place your cursor over on top of it.
3. APN will be located in the dialog box at the top right of you screen.


Swimming Pools

General Requirements for submittal
1 Address and Assessors Parcel Number for the site.
2 A site plan showing all setbacks, streets, property lines, curb/gutters, sidewalks, utility poles, pool equipment location, waterfall height, all slides or diving boards, and fence and gate locations.
3 Detail sheets.
4 Location and type of all easements.
5 Elevation changes at property lines requiring a retaining wall detail and designs.
6 Engineered and stamped Structural Calculations.
7 If pool is to serve the public, provide adequate information to verify compliance with accessibility as required in Chapter 11A or 11B of the California Building Code and applicable Federal A.D.A. Requirements.
Coming Soon – Porterville California

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