e Plan Solutions would like to welcome Holly Springs Georgia to our service. The following information is dedicated to the Holly Springs / ePs website. Should you need further help contact us at support@eplansolution.com

Step 1.  Create a User Account

In order to begin, you must register an account with ePs thru the Holly Springs / ePs website.  Go HERE and select “Register new Account”.  Complete the information and submit.  You will receive TWO confirmation emails, one from Amazon Webs Services (this allows us to send you email), and two a User Confirmation Email from ePs that activates your account.

Step 2. Compete the Application

Login to ePs HERE and select “New Project”.  Complete the application and select “Submit”

The application contains some required information indicated by * and bold text,  other information should be completed as necessary.  The applicant should make every attempt to provide the City with complete and accurate information.  Failure to do so may delay the review process.  Here are some application hints.

  1. To get the latitude and longitude of the project location use google maps / find your location / right click / select “What is Here” / coordinates will be displayed on your screen.  Select Here for short video demonstration.
  2. Land Lot – District – Section – Parcel Number are not required information, However you can find it by using the Cherokee County GIS website.

Step 3.  Payment

After the submission of the project data, ePs will create the “Project Page”.  Prior to uploading plans, you will be required to pay the ePs fee.  The fee is dependent upon the type and size of the project.   To do this select the PayPal button on the page.

Once payment has been received by ePs, your project status will change to “Open to Files”.  This process generally takes five to ten minutes.  If the project status hasn’t been updated within that time please email us.

Step 4.  Uploading your files

Once Payment has been received, from your Project Page, select the blue “Manage Files” button.  This will navigate to the “File Management” page.  Select “Upload”, then select your files. (Files should generally be adobe pdf files, however image files and other types may be accepted)

Once the files are uploaded, you need to apply the “Tag” to the file.  This will help the plan review identify which files are associated with the information that they will review.  To select the tag, select the Tag icon to the left of the file name.  Select the check box that most accurately describes the file and then click back on the main screen of select the “x”.







Then submit them for review by selecting the Submit for Review button

5. Once the project has been submitted, the City’s staff will post the plan review fee and instructions on how to pay it.

The review of your project will not start until the plan review fee has been paid.
All applicants will be required to upload the signed and notarized SAVE form to the Open Files tab of the project prior to the plan review being completed. To download a copy of the Save form Select Here
Holly Springs Georgia

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