On September 28, 2018, Cumming Georgia will begin to accept permit applications online using ePs.  Included with the online permit, will be online inspections and dynamic payments.


1.  I need to get the permit for a project that had the plan review submitted by somebody else.?

A user must have access to a project to obtain the permit, make payments, request inspections etc.  The creator of the project, the City or ePs can provide access to the project upon request.  Email Support with the Project Name and Address included and the email address associated with the ePs user account for the new user.  Change User Access Permissions is located in the details tab.

2.  Where can I download a User Guide?

Cumming Georgia – Quick Start – Permits Inspections

3.  Why can’t I upload files?

ePs and the City both require fees to be paid prior to uploading.  If your fees are paid contact support to resolve the issue.

4.  When I try to login is says “User is Disabled”.

Check your junk or spam folders for the ePs User Confirmation email.  When registering, a user will receive two (2) emails.  The first allows ePs to send emails to a user using AWS Services and the second is the ePs User Confirmation email. 



Cumming GA Permits and Inspections

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