Dynamic Payments – Directed Comments – Open File Buckets – Google Maps Integration….

Over the next few weeks, ePs will update the jurisdictional site to version 1.15.  The following are the release notes:

  1. New Project creation workflow three (3) step process with the integration of Google maps for address selection.
  2. Changed payment workflow to add ePs payment in the “Fees” tab.
  3. Added ability for jurisdictions to enter and collect fees only.
  4. Added ability for jurisdiction not to allow online payment.
  5. Related projects can be seen in the details tab.  (User access still must be granted to view project information)
  6. Added “Open File” buckets that can be created per project or added dynamically from the Open Files tab.
  7. Added ability to hide a permit for projects that have been dormant.
  8. Added ability to filter inspections using multiple predetermined filters.
  9. Integrated maps to show upcoming inspections.
  10. Updated event server to allow custom workflow scripting.
  11. Updated commenting to allow the direction of a comment to an individual or department.
  12. Added web page to view comments.  “My Comments” black line top of screen.
  13. New work flow to assign non-directed comments by a user.
Release Notes 1.15

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