ePlan Solutions (ePs) for Government is a web based software for the purpose of on-line plan submittal, review and permitting by government entities.  Leveraging the cloud, eps allows jurisdictions to create a project centric approach to plan review by containing the project details, documents, checklist, communications, inspections, and bonding within a singular location accessible to all of the individuals required for plan review and approval.

ePs’s software as a service (SaaS) cost model allows the deferment of the cost of the SaaS to the applicant were they can realize a savings of up to 60% of the typical paper plan review submittal cost. Using this cost model allows the government to advance their use of technology and not incur a capitol investment.

What Makes Us Different

ePs provides the permitting and plan review services, support to the jurisdiction and support to the applicant community at zero cost to the jurisdiction. We believe that our customers are not only the jurisdictions that we service but the AEC community that rely on us to provide a high quality service. We feel our role is less about software that facilitating the permitting and plan review process. With this in our minds during feature development and support services we strive to make the process faster, smoother and easier for all stake holders.

Part of implementing any permitting plan review system involves the initial setup and maintenance of the setup. ePs understands that the normal day to day work required by staff limit the available time to learn a new system and implement that system. ePs removes this part from the workload of the staff and creates all the background database requirements based upon the existing model of the jurisdictions. In addition, ePs will maintain contact with the jurisdiction and implement any changes to the system during our term of service. This greatly reduces the implementation time and utility cost associated with the digital transition.


Applying for a permit and approval of the permit by the jurisdiction thru ePs is as simple as completing online forms and following a simple work flow. ePs can manage the applications and perform auto checks prior to the granting of approval.

The plan review and approval process thru ePs can save the applicant 20% of the review time and thousands of dollars in printing and delivery charges. ePs manages the assignment of plan reviews and the notification process to provide all stake holders with real time knowledge of the project.

Inspections can be requested, assigned and performed thru ePs both locally and remotely with any type of internet connection and modern mobile web browsers.

The ePs service charges the applicant a fee to use the service. This fee is based upon the project type and size. ePs can reduce the plan review cost to the applicant by up to 40%. ePs will never charge the jurisdiction for the use of the ePs service. (Integrations with existing platform may require additional fees.)

After consulting with Cherokee County and evaluating the alternatives, we selected e Plan Solutions to provide a digital plan review solution for the City of Dalton and Whitfield County. Not only did ePs demonstrate an ease of use, but their commitment to supporting the users of the system, both for the governments and the private sector made our decision quite simple.

Jean Garland Dalton – Whitfield County, GA, Planning and Zoning

“ePs allowed the County to advance their use of technology to assist in the development review process without requiring a capital contribution from the County. This was essential as we all face reduced budgets.”

Mark Teal P.E., Director Development Services Douglas County, GA

“Our development community was enthusiastic to be able to do business in Cherokee County remotely. They realize the savings immediately and are able to accomplish other task that would have had to wait for them to visit the County.”

Jeff Watkins, Planning Director