ePlan Solutions will be providing online plan review, permitting, inspections, and licensing for Carroll County, Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to upload to renew my business license? – You must upload the renewal application and any supporting documentation listed in the renewal application. Typically the supporting documentation includes tax or other documents that show the gross receipts for the business.

  • What is the difference between the Open Files and the Submittal tab? – The submittal tab should be reserved for documents that need to be reviewed by the jurisdiction.  Construction Documents, applications, etc. would fall under this category.  Open Files are for one-time file transfers from the user to the jurisdiction or the jurisdiction to the user. These are typically comments associated with the review, permit/license cards and/or details associated with construction
  • I am not getting notifications for my project. – Due to the nature of the delivery of email, the notification may get blocked by an ISP or Spam Filters.  To make sure the email address is registered, select My Account (top of the screen) then Register Email.  You must confirm the subscription prior to receiving updates.   It is always a good idea to check your project frequently for changes.

  • I received comments but cannot resubmit my plans. – Comments are sent and displayed in real-time.  This means other departments may still need to complete their review.  Until all departments have completed their review, the current submittal will remain locked.  The City will release the project for the next submittal once all departments have completed their review and at that time, the New Submittal button will become available. 

  • How do I upload my files/documents for review? – Files are required to be uploaded to either the Open Files tab or the Submittals tab.  See the Document Location Table in this help section for project type/uploading requirements.  To upload to the Submittals tab, select the Submittals tab then select Manage Files (blue button) and then Upload.  To upload to the Open Files, select the Open Files tab, the Add.  (Note: Open Files have self-contained “buckets”, if there is a defined “bucket” select Add next to the bucket name. 

  • When I try to Log-In, I get a “User is Disabled” message – This occurs when the user confirmation email exchange hasn’t been completed.  If you do not see the User Confirmation Email, check your junk or spam folders.  If you do not see it there, send an email to support@eplansolution.com with your name, and the city or county with which you are trying to register.
Carroll County, Georgia

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