The help clarify the location that files should be placed in the ePs system for Forsyth County, the following table will provide some direction.  As a general rule, ONLY the Construction Documents should be placed in the Submittal Tab and all other files should go into open files.   Additionally, Open Files should be used in the case where the file would be an email attachement to a reviewer.   The body of the email would be placed within the Communication Tab.

File Type Location
Construction Documents Submittal Tab via “Manage Files”
 Comment Response Letters  Open Files Tab
 Hydrology Report  Open Files Tab
Comm Check  Open Files Tab
Reports of Any Nature Open Files Tab
Working Files, Misc. Files Open Files Tab

Submittal 2 with Approved Files

Project Page-Tabs
Forsyth County – Submittal 2 Uploading & File Type Location

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