This page is dedicated to helping users of the Castle Pines Colorado ePs digital plan review portal. We will continue to add information to this page as we approach the launch date.


Watch a short video that goes from project creation to plan submittal in under 7 minutes.

Application Help
What project type do I select?

Application Help

Property Information

The property information required to be input during the application process can be found at the Douglas County Asessor website. Note upload a pdf copy of the printed page from the site to the Open Files tab of your project.

What type of project do I select?

Building Building Plan Review should be used for the submission of plans for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.  This includes both residential and commercial construction.
Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control To be used when submitting for land disturbance activities where limits of disturbance are greater than 1.0 acres
Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Low Impact To be used when submitting for approval of land disturbing activities where the limits of disturbance is less than 1.0 acres.
Land Use Application Land Use should be used when submitting plans for the purpose of developing a site. This includes, but is not limited to, Site Improvement Plans, Use by Special Review, Subdivisions (Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan, Combined Preliminary and Final) and Rezoning.
Pre-Submittal Application A Pre-Submittal application allows the applicant to submit a conceptual plan to a member of the Community Development Department and receive general comments, feasibility of the plan, process and procedure instructions, and estimated fees.
Sign Review Sign Review should be used for the purpose of submitting documents to obtain an permit for the installation of a sign.
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