Use the following descriptions to determine the area to be entered during the application process.  All areas should be entered as a number without a prefix or suffix.

1st Generation Tennant Finish An interior finish in an existing shell space that has never been finished prior to the current project.
Interior Finish or Remodel Subsequent generation interior finish of an existing finished space
Shell Building Any frame work or any exterior structure which is regarded as not complete or filled in.
Foundation Concrete floor system of concrete that supports the construction of the building.
Parking Deck
Unfinished Basement Area
Finished Basement Area
Deck Area Open floor exterior of the building
Porch Area A porch is a deck with roof system and walls
Garage Area
Addition Area Area to be added that contains heated square footage.
Demoloition Area
General Construction (Under 200 SF) When the limits of activity is less than 200 square feet.
Other Area
Total SF or New Work Area The total SF of the building if “New” or the area remodel/addtion area.
Sunroom A one-story structure attached to a dwelling with a glazing (window) area in excess of 40% of the gross area of the structure’s exterior walls and roof.
Alpharetta Square Footage Definitions

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