We spend a pretty good amount of time discussing with our customers the way to name files to make them the most presentable to the plan review staff of the jurisdiction that use ePs.

For Building Permits, there should only be a few files that are uploaded.  These files should be separated by discipline and placed in the correct order by designating a number prior to the discipline description.  For example

01 Architectural  — 02 Mechanical — 03 Electrical — 04 Structural — 05 Civil — 06 Interior Layout

In the instance above, the 01…. number designates the order of the documents to be displayed in the submittal tab and the text is the discipline for which the files contains plans.

For smaller projects, the HVAC files con be combined into one file, simply denote the file as containing all fo the disciplines.

Civil Projects

Civil projects for land development should be group according to the type of plan that is being uploaded.  This would be designated generally by the title of the drawing or the drawing number system that you currently us.  For example,  if a project contains multiple site plans,  that are sheets C1.0  Site Plan, C1.1 Site Plan and C1.2 Site Plan, that should be combined into a single file and named C1.0-1.2 Site Plans .  For drawings that contain multiple types (sanitary and storm sewer profiles) the file name could be CXX Storm and Sanitary Profiles.

The end result should place your files in order (as stated on the drawing index) and clearly indicate the information that is contained within the file.

Adding additional descriptions or information contained within certain files.

When uploading the files to the submittal tab, thru the manage files page, a comment box will appear next to the file name after it has been uploaded.  You can enter text into this box that will transmit to the jurisdiction with the file and allows you to place additional relevant information concerning the file that has been uploaded.

Naming Your Files for Review

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